Haiku by You

Friends and visitors,
I hope you'll take a minute
to write a haiku.

Want to contribute?
Leave a poetic comment.
Much thanks to you, friends.

family weekend
southern meals and food babies
Scarlett said wee-​​ooh

hearing Italian
missing Scarlett sing and coo
bella bambina!

Rooster misses you
Even your villainous ways
Bringin' sleazy back
Jason G.

Asian Cowboy sees
The memories of joy and love
Never forgetting
Christian H.

What's up Melissa?
Long time, no eat shnicky shnacks!
Oh well, I'll be back!
Thomas S.

sexiest picture:
you, new year's eve, DCT
hot damn! you is fine!

sitting in my cube
remembering the best times
with you since my birth

mmh mmh mmh mmh mmmmmmmh!
oh fay, this is so scrumptious!
is this corn hand shucked?

gerbs: naked in snow
have i ever looked so good?
such lucky neighbors

where are the haiku?
they made this website the best
terrible last line.

so this is my life
reading about menstration
need me some Glee, now

5 more months till free
then sister happiness comes
i miss you and nug

time for this to end
wish i could write more haikus
sigh, i miss your hugs

I love you so much
Cannot wait to see you soon
Christmas fun ahead!

tried to make cookies
domestic deficiency
Dad had to save them

clock in kitchen dies
brings a tear to Gigi's eye
now she's late for school

twelve days of haiku
invites you to add lines too
will bring cheer to all

last day of classes
tonight drink beer and play wii
what quiet hours?

spreading christmas cheer
singing mariah carey
loud for all to hear

don't stop believing
streetlight people oh oh oh!
such an awesome song

why am i still up?
oh yeah, the food poisoning
here comes more vomit

Christmas time is here
6 concerts is too many
Plan better next year

When I'm bored at school
I like to go on Facebook
See who wastes time too

Picturing Macy's
Hooter Hider shields boobage
Scarlett's tummy full

rain in december
the christmas lights short-​​circuit
makes the season blight

oh, little sissy
counting the days 'til you're here
(beverage drive-​​thru!)

what a nice section!
splendid opportunity
for haiku madness

ohio winter
carolina on your mind?
blast! it's cold here, too

should be studying
writing haiku is more fun
just one more today

my last one for now
why are these poems so fun?
because they're haiku

You and your thin wrists
The first time I held your hand
At the roller rink

Goodbye at coffee.
Knees in your chest on the beach
When I kissed your ear

I happened upon
A place to put my poem
Now I'll never die

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  1. Heidi

    I am first with five
    Then seven in the middle –
    Five again to end

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